Who doesn't love a good ghost story, you know the type, an old bridge on a long, lonely stretch of rural highway somewhere... could be anywhere, because these stories are everywhere. There always seems to be a sad tale to go with it and usually a lady in white, or a hitchhiker that just disappears when you let them out, or lights you can't explain. Well, Arkansas has its fair share of those stories too, let's start with Mama Lou.

The Wolf Bayou Bridge

Wolfe Bayou Bridge - Scott Arkansas - Google Maps
Wolfe Bayou Bridge - Scott Arkansas - Google Maps

East of Little Rock is Scott, Arkansas, that's where you will find the Wolfe Bayou Bridge which is actually a different bridge than the one the story originally took place on, but supposedly, you can still see and hear some freaky stuff. The tale goes that a woman with a new baby lost control of her car and drove off the old bridge in this same location. They both perished in the accident. Nowadays it's said that if you go there late at night and holler "Mama Lou, I have your baby," three times on that bridge, you just might have car trouble right there, and you might even see a woman in white looking for her baby. That woman might even scream "where's my baby?" Which would make me do bad things to my underwear.

Here is the location on Google Maps if you want to try it out.


The Gurden Light

Let's start with a railroad tale. I'm sure you've all heard of the Gurden Lights in Gurden, Arkansas, right? Mysterious lights appear along the railroad tracks there that nobody has a good explanation for.

The "story" is that a railroad worker was killed by a train along those tracks losing his head in the accident, and now he walks the tracks at night with his lantern searching for his head. I've never been to this one but I know many that have, and no matter how hard you try, you can never get close enough to the light to confirm anything, just that it's there.

The Hitchhiker of Hwy 365

For this story, we have to hit Hwy 365 in Woodson, Arkansas in southern Polaski County. Legend has it that a young lady was killed in a car accident along that Highway on her way home to her mother's house many years ago. So, if you're driving along that particular stretch of highway at night and you see a young woman in tattered clothing hitchhiking, you better pick her up. Legend has it that she will give you an address further down that road but when you arrive, she will have disappeared. The house is supposedly abandoned now but people say that when they knocked on the door of the old house a woman would appear claiming to be the dead girl's mother. She would say that it happens several times a year and that her daughter was still trying to get home.

Happy haunting, I mean hunting.

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