There is a new Oreo cookie flavor. Who doesn't love Oreo cookies? But, they just made it eating Oreos even better. Now, you could win some money. So, how good are your taste buds?

The new Oreo flavor is ... a mystery flavor. Guess the correct flavor and you could win $50,000. Five other people that guess the correct flavor will win $10,000.

Just go to the Oreo website and fill out the form and tell them your guess.

The Oreos look just like the traditional cookies black chocolate cookie with a white cream. The only difference is with these cookies the cream flavor is the mystery.

According to Food & Wine, they are saying it definitely a fruity flavor. In fact, they asked their staff and ultimately they decided:

we asked the Food & Wine staff to write down their best guesses as to what the mysterious flavor could be and the results were almost unanimously "Fruity Pebbles." Yes, we're talking the Flintstones-themed breakfast cereal.

Have you tried them yet? We tried them up here at the station and decided they taste like Lemon...Pledge? Hmm, not sure if we'd win on that one! Get your guess in by November 30, 2017.

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