There is ongoing construction on Interstate 30 which will affect people traveling East in the Hooks and Leary Texas area.

The city of Texarkana had this to share from their Instagram page regarding the ongoing construction:

This is just a quick message from TxDOT Atlanta District to inform you of planned I-30 construction work this week that may affect traffic commutes. The closures at the eastbound I-30 exit 212 and the eastbound entrance ramp 212 at Spur 74, between Hooks and Leary, will extend into the week of Oct. 10. Eastbound traffic needing access to Spur 74 will be directed to use Exit 208 at FM 560 in Hooks.

So after reading all of that I am not 100 percent sure where all of the construction is going on so I found it on Google maps and wanted to share the locations and how you can manage your commute to and from work.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I also found a cool thing on the Drive Texas website and it lists all of the projects going on in our area and breaks it down for you. It even includes a finish-by date. Here are the details of this particular project. Once you are on the site you can just click on the re area and it will give you all the important details.

Construction Interstate 30, direction affected Eastbound, from mile marker 210 and mile marker 213 between Hooks and Leary. The project is expected to end on October 13, 2022. The right lane is closed, the exit ramp is closed, entrance ramp closed.


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