Is Texarkana a city where people are 'hangry'?

The definition of 'hangry' is a situation in which your hunger actually causes you to be angry. Now the big deal for me is that what is causing the anger? Is it that where I want to go has the longest drive-thru line? Or maybe the place I want to go to is a little too expensive for my taste?

Or my number one reason is finding the perfect place to really satisfy my cravings and the only place I can think of is some restaurant we don't have, or in some cases has closed. And last but not least they are out of the chicken sandwich that you have been craving for all day. Not to point a finger but I have tried to get a 'Buffalo Chicken Ranch' sandwich from a place that is orange and white and they have a chicken shortage. has ranked the entire United States and determined which state is the 'Hangreist'. The good news it isn't us. Maine takes the number one spot followed by Mississippi, Alaska, Vermont, and South Dakota. So where exactly do we fall in the listings? Arkansas is listed as the 27th and Texas is listed as the 45th most hangriest state.

Just how did Zippia come up with these numbers? Here is where it gets a little funny. They based the rankings on the following things.

The number of fast-food spots per capita. This is the number of spots to get a quick bite as related to the total population of the state.

The number of Wal-Marts. This one ire pretty self-explanatory. We do have a large number of Wal Mart locations, five to be exact.

How many times the word 'hanger' is being searched for in the area.

The 'break laws' that's the number and length of breaks allowed for employees in each state.

The percent of adults with diabetes. Another statistic they included in this survey.

I still feel like the availability of food and the wait in drive-thru lines would be big factors in how hangery people are in every state should be big factors in what state is the 'hangreist'.


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