Please remain calm, all is well. The City of Texarkana, Texas is starting up that data collection project again, these vehicles are collecting images of our streets to inventory the condition of all streets within the city limits.  The city has hired San Antonio based Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS) to take on this task.  DTS is a nationwide firm and provides professional asset management and mobile data collection services to local and state government agencies. 

Texarkana, Texas Public Works Director Dusty Henslee told us; "The City will be conducting a pavement inventory for every street inside the City Limits. This inventory will provide existing pavement condition data and maintenance recommendations. All the data will be loaded into a pavement management software and will calculate a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) value for each street. This software will tell us the overall condition our streets are in, and can also analyze funding and develop maintenance and preservation programs for the City’s roadway system".

According to the Press Release, DTS operates a fleet of sophisticated data collection vehicles equipped with an array of precision instrumentation and data collection equipment that helps state and local transportation agencies inventory and manage transportation infrastructure, facilities, and assets.

Specifically, the vans possess digital cameras that will collect imagery on all pavement and above ground, transportation-related assets located within the right-of-way.  This imagery will be used to create a digital video inventory.

To collect all relevant data, the vehicles will be traveling all roads within the City of Texarkana, and to ensure the highest quality of data and imagery, the vehicles will only collect data during daylight hours.

It's actually pretty fascinating how the vehicle maps the problem areas, you can find out more about it at the dtsgis website.

If residents have any questions or need additional information regarding the vehicles, the project, or the process; please contact the City of Texarkana at 903-798-3948 or


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