$2 Million Texas Lottery Winner

Someone in Katy, Texas has some extra money to pay off some of those holiday bills. Actually, that person can pay off all their Christmas bills for this season and for many years to come.

Although no one matched all six numbers in Wednesday's Powerball drawing, a ticket purchased at a convenience store near the Katy Freeway (Interstate 10) did match all five non-Powerball numbers.

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That's a million-dollar ticket. But, wait...there's more. Whoever bought the ticket chose the Powerplay option which doubled their winnings. So, thanks to shelling out an extra buck, this lucky person now has a $2 million ticket.

No word from Texas Lottery officials about the details of the winner. The majority of the time, big winners like to stay anonymous, so we probably will never know the person's identity.

Powerball Jackpot Continues to Increase

The next Powerball drawing is on Saturday, December 30. The jackpot is now up to an estimated $760 million. That's about $382 million in cash value for someone who opts for all the money upfront, before all the other taxes, of course.

Mega Millions Also on the Rise

The next Mega Millions drawing is coming up on Tuesday, January 2. That jackpot is now up to $114 million with an estimated cash value of $56 million.

Although the odds are stacked against you (1 in about 292,000,000), eventually somebody is going to win. Just like that person who walked into a convenience store in San Angelo, Texas earlier this year and matched all six Mega Million numbers for the $360 million jackpot.

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