💰Someone in East Texas won $250,000

💰There have been several big-money winners in East Texas

💰These are the scratch-off tickets you should buy

Someone in East Texas won $250,000 for the Christmas holidays playing a Texas Lottery scratch-off ticket.

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On Wednesday, December 13, somebody walked into the Road Island convenience store near Tyler and purchased a $10 'The Perfect Gift' ticket...

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

...and scratched off the top prize payout of $250,000!

The Road Island convenience store is located on Highway 271 between Tyler and Winona, Texas. The Perfect Gift game features seven top prizes of $250K. Two of the top prizes have now been won. Someone from Round Rock, Texas hit the jackpot on November 13.

There have been several six-figure and seven-figure scratch-off winners across East Texas over the past few months.

Even though the odds are extremely small to win the top prize for a scratch-off ticket, we have crunched the latest data (as of December 1) at the Texas Lottery website and have come up with the scratch-off tickets that give you the best chances to win the top prize.

If you are purchasing Texas Lottery game tickets as Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, you may want to consider those highlighted in the article above.

As far as lottery drawings go, the Powerball jackpot is the biggest prize available. The top prize for that is now over half a BILLION DOLLARS. The next drawing for that game will take place Saturday night (December 16).

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