Lucille Robinson had a big payday right before the new year, thanks to a little luck and picking the right scratch-off game from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

Robinson, a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, took home the big check last Wednesday at the ASL Claim Center in Little Rock for $500,000.

The $500,000 prize came from a $20 purchase of the 200X instant game ticket. The winning ticket was sold at the 12th Street Market at 4511 W 12th St. in Little Rock. Mrs. Robinson purchased the ticket on a whim while stopping at the gas station with her son, Dewayne Johnson.

Tetra Images
Tetra Images

According to the release, Lucille plays two to three times a week and does not have a favorite game. Instead, she chooses her tickets based on their color and aesthetic appeal. For this round, she selected a single 200X instant game ticket; her son Dewayne made the final purchase.

Lucille was so eager to see if she won anything she scratched her ticket before they left the gas station. She had to pass the ticket to her son to confirm she had won. Dewayne said; “Mama, you just won half a million dollars.”

Mrs. Robinson said she immediately “thanked God” then shared the news with her granddaughter and another son, who are all pictured below at the ASL Claim Center.

Lucille Robinson - Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
Lucille Robinson - Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Congratulations Lucille and family!

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery reminds players to play responsibly. For more information on game odds and how to play, visit

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