Texarkana Texas Police announce that they have arrested a man in Texarkana for allegedly uploading child pornography onto social media platforms.


According to the TTPD Facebook page the investigation took several weeks to track down leads and look at electronic evidence.

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They arrested 20-year-old Angel Hernandez of Texarkana, Texas for Possession of Child Pornography on Monday, April 8.

Both Facebook and Instagram discovered the videos that are suspected of child pornography. The videos were uploaded to the social media platforms and were then immediately reported along with the social media messages the post received to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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The IP address was identified as being in the Texarkana area.

That is when the TTPD got to work,

Detective Casey Schmidt was assigned the case and immediately went to work trying to identify the person responsible for the videos. After several weeks of tracking down leads and following up on the electronic evidence, his investigation led him to Hernandez and eventually confirmed him as the suspect.


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Based upon the probable cause Detective Schmidt gave Judge Nancy Talley, she issued a warrant for the arrest of Hernandez.



Detective Schmidt arrested him a few days later when he recognized Hernandez's vehicle started to pull into a local business parking lot.
Hernandez is currently held at the Bi-State Jail, where his bond has been set at $100,000.

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