The East Texas Food Bank (ETFB) had a ribbon cutting for the new Texarkana Resource Center that will open on Tuesday, May 14. The new Texarkana Resource Center is located at 3019 S. Lake Dr. in Texarkana.

The center will have a 'Healthy Food Pantry' with nutritious food available. The center will be open several days a week and will be open later some evenings and Saturday mornings.


David Emerson, CEO of the East Texas Food Bank said in a press release,

The Texarkana Resource Center is located near low-income neighborhoods, where 9,000 people live below the federal poverty line.

The ETFO is estimating they will be able to serve approximately 300 households in Bowie County a week and one million meals a year.

City of Texarkana Texas
ETFB, City of Texarkana Texas

Clients can also learn more information and apply for SNAP and other social service benefits.

Kim Morris, ETFB Chief Impact Officer said,

The food pantry is meant to serve households at or below the emergency food income
guidelines. For example, a family of four would qualify to receive food if they make less than $55,500 per year. Other people who qualify to receive assistance are those experiencing a crisis such as a house fire, tornado, or extreme medical bills.

A recent study by Feeding America showed that 14% of Bowie County residents are food insecure and at risk of hunger. Of that 14%, 21% are children.


They are looking for other non-profit agencies to have a booth on pantry days so they can offer their services to help too.

If you would like more information about the new Texarkana Resource Center, and volunteering opportunities or to find out if you qualify for food assistance you can go to their website at

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