Is your child or grandchild autistic? There are a lot of challenges in raising a child with autism for them and for the family. Here's an event that will give you the support you need while also helping your child thrive.

Where and When is The Texarkana Autism Inclusion Expo?

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The Texarkana Autism Inclusion Expo will take place this Saturday, January 27 at the Texarkana Arkansas Parks & Recreation Center located at 1 Legion Drive in Texarkana Arkansas.

The event will be held from 10 AM to Noon.

What You Will Find at This Event

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There will be a panel of experts to help you find the best ways and resources to help you and your child navigate through the challenges of autism.


You will be able to speak to representatives from organizations about their services and how they can benefit you and your child's situation.

More Information on The Texarkana Autism Inclusion Expo on Saturday, January 27

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The Texarkana Autism Inclusion Expo is Free and open to the Public

Lunch will be served and you will also have the chance to win door prizes. You can register online at

For more information please call (870)779-4964

Texarkana Arkansas Parks & Recreation Department
Texarkana Arkansas Parks & Recreation Department
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