It's a new year and that means new scams to avoid. Scammers are getting sneaky, very sneaky. But here's something you should know.

A lot of scammers use certain area codes. These area codes might look innocent enough to answer your phone but they are not safe to even answer the call.


One-Ring Scam

Tero Vesalainen
Tero Vesalainen

These are called one-ring scams. They are usually from a foreign country but the number will look like a local U.S. number showing an area code.

But what really might be happening is you'll be charged a fee for connecting. You might also be charged expensive fees per minute. They will either call and let the phone ring once so you will call them back or they will leave an urgent voicemail and when you call the number back either way the longer they have you on the phone the more money they can scam and it will end up on your bill as an expensive 'premium service'

Package Delivery Scam

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They also might call or text you about a 'package' that can not be delivered and they'll ask you to call back with got it...a credit card number so your package can be delivered. If you are expecting a package then check with the original store or source to be on the safe side. Never call the number that just called you. unless of course, you know that caller personally.

Area Code That Scammers Use

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There are a lot of area codes to watch out for some are domestic and others are international.

According to here are the domestic area codes to watch out for:


216 - Cleveland, Ohio
469 - Dallas, Texas
657 - La Palma, California
332 - New York City
347 - New York City
646 - New York City
218 - Northern Minnesota
712 - Western Iowa

International area codes to watch out for (that look domestic) are:

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232 - Sierra Leone
268 - Antigua and Barbuda
284 - British Virgin Islands
473 - Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
649 - Turks and Caicos Islands
664 - Montserrat
767 - Commonwealth of Dominica
809, 829, 849 - Dominican Republic
876 - Jamaica


How To Keep Safe From Phone Scammers

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To be safe, never answer a call that is not from someone you know. If it's an emergency or legit they will leave a voice mail. But also remember that if that voicemail is from someone you do not know, don't call back. it's that simple. These scammers are banking on our curiosity to answer their call. It's okay to be susipous of calls from a number you don't know.

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