How many Special sessions will it take to get the business of the Great State of Texas done? At the moment it appears to be at least three. Today, Monday, October 9, Special Session #3 conviens at 1:00 this afternoon, and as usual, the Governor decides the agenda. 

Governor Greg Abbott announced Special Session #3 last week and issued a proclamation identifying agenda items for the special session.

"I am bringing the Texas Legislature back for Special Session #3 to continue building on the achievements we accomplished during the 88th Regular Legislative Session and two special sessions this summer... I look forward to working with my partners in the Legislature to address these critical issues," said Governor Abbott.

Texas State Capitol Building - JimWeaver
Texas State Capitol Building - JimWeaver

Special Session #3 Agenda Items Include: 

  • EDUCATION FREEDOM: Legislation providing education savings accounts for all Texas schoolchildren.
    1. Legislation to do more to reduce illegal immigration by creating a criminal offense for illegal entry into this state from a foreign nation and authorizing all licensed peace officers to remove illegal immigrants from Texas.
    2. Legislation to impede illegal entry into Texas by increasing the penalties for criminal conduct involving the smuggling of persons or the operation of a stash house.
    3. Legislation to impede illegal entry into Texas by providing more funding for the construction, operation, and maintenance of border barrier infrastructure.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY: Legislation concerning public safety, security, environmental quality, and property ownership in areas like the Colony Ridge development in Liberty County, Texas.
  • ENDING COVID RESTRICTIONS: Legislation prohibiting COVID-19 vaccine mandates by private employers.
Abbott announces the reopening of more Texas businesses
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Can the legislators get it done in this special session? We shall see.

Café Texan - Huntsville, Texas

They claim to be the oldest café in the state.

Gallery Credit: Jim Weaver

Best Safety/Rest Area In East Texas Along I-30

These Rest Areas are managed and maintained, video surveilled, and kept very clean, by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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B-29 Doc Texarkana Visit 2023

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