Blueface claims NLE Choppa got cold feet and doesn't want to fight him in boxing match.

Blueface Claims NLE Choppa Backed Out of Boxing Match With Him

On Friday (Jan. 5), Blueface hopped on his Instagram Live to inform his fans that NLE Choppa, who he has been beefing with for the past month, backed out of a proposed boxing match with him.

"I'm done with chu rap n***as after today," Blue said in a video, which can be viewed at the bottom of this post. "Alla you n***as is b****es, alla you n***as is marks, alla you n***as is scary. My b***h will run a fade with me before any of you rap n***as and that's crazy."

Blueface went on to say that Choppa had cold feet about the fight after talking with his momanger, Angela Potts, who felt it wasn't a good idea.

"N***a, it's time to squabble up," he said. "You talking about a negotiation. N***a, what do you want, a Honda Civic?"

Afterward, Blue apologized to himself for getting worked up with the anticipation of fighting Choppa in a boxing match. He then followed with various insults to the Memphis rapper.

The "Thotiana" rhymer also accused Choppa of being a fake gang member because he's vegan, Muslim and a Crip. For him, those three attributes don't add up.

"What type of a n***a is Muslim, vegan and a Crip," Blue said with a chuckle and shaking his head. "Who's gon' tell him?"

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Why Do Blueface Want to Fight NLE Choppa in a Boxing Match?

Blueface's video is in response to NLE Choppa who challenged him to a boxing match following Blue dissing him on Jaidyn Alexis' "Barbie (Remix)." On Thursday morning (Jan. 4), Choppa challenged Blue to step into the ring and fight.

"Let’s box @bluefacebleedem," NLE posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. "Who can set up celebrity boxing match in Vegas me and him hit me ASAP. He undefeated vs women ion respect a n***a that put his hands on em anyway!"

The beef between Blueface and Choppa began almost a month ago, after the mother of NLE Choppa's child alleged that Blueface had tried to flirt with her but she rejected his advances. Blue claimed otherwise in the "Barbie (Remix)" rapping, "NLE baby mama wanna hit/Why you lying 'bout the number, b***h, you know I got the digits."

Their feud is getting a little messy. To be continued.

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Watch Blueface tell his followers that NLE Choppa backed out of a boxing match with him below.

Watch Blueface Claim That NLE Choppa Backed Out of a Proposed Boxing Match With Him

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