Boosie BadAzz is posting Yung Bleu's alleged music publishing details and is insisting that Bleu is being taken advantage of.

Boosie BadAzz Posts Yung Bleu's Alleged Music Publishing Details in Attempt to Provide Receipts

On Wednesday (Sept. 6), Boosie BadAzz hit up Instagram to unleash a series of new videos aimed at Yung Bleu. After once again accusing Bleu of being a "snake" and an "ungrateful thief," the Baton Rouge, La. native finished things off by implying that Yung Bleu is missing out on 100 percent of his publishing money. Boosie BadAzz then posted a number of screenshots from Bleu's BMI and ASCAP's publishing reports as receipts.

"Icing on the cake," Boosie BadAzz says in the video below. "He's taking your publishing too, bro. Reserv is one company. Vice and Play is his publishing company. Let me show what he's doing to all your records, Bleu. Taking all your publishing. Swipe."

From there, the BMI and ASCAP Songview screenshots for Yung Bleu songs like "Bought a Patek," "Boss Ya Life Up" and "Beverly Hills" show a breakdown of the percentages the Empire Records and a company named Vice and Play make from Bleu's music versus what Bleu makes himself.

Who Does Boosie BadAzz Think Is Taking All of Yung Bleu's Publishing?

It's highly likely that the person Boosie BadAzz is referring to as the party "taking all of" Yung Bleu's publishing is CEO of Empire Records, Ghazi Shami. Over the past couple of months, Boosie has been calling out Shami, Empire and Yung Bleu for allegedly inking a deal behind his back. Boosie BadAzz has even made T-shirts calling Ghazi Shami and Yung Bleu snakes, which Boosie says he intends to distribute to people who bought tickets to Bleu's current Love Scars Tour.

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Boosie BadAzz and Yung Bleu's Beef Over Their Contract Dispute Has Intensified Recently

Boosie BadAzz's latest rant and his being inspired to show off Yung Bleu's publishing details comes directly on the heels of a heating social media exchange between the two rappers. After Yung Bleu posted a photo on Instagram of $1 million in cash on Sunday (Sept. 3), an enraged Boosie took the flex as a slight against him, claiming that "at this point he playing me like I'm just a b***h a*s n***a."

In response to that, Yung Bleu refuted Boosie BadAzz's claims alleging that Boosie declined an offer that included $2 million and the publishing rights to his mixtape catalog, in addition to 50 percent of Bleu's new songs and 100 percent of the songs he previously released.

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XXL has reached out to Yung Bleu and Empire Records for a statement on the matter.

Check out Boosie BadAzz's latest rant and see Yung Bleu's publishing details Boosie publicly shared below.

See Boosie BadAzz Post Yung Bleu's Alleged Music Publishing Details Implying That Bleu is Being Taken Advantage Of

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