After calling out Rod Wave for sampling his music without compensation, Boosie BadAzz now has his sights set on YG for using Boosie's music without permission.

Boosie Calls Out YG for Using Lyrics

On Tuesday (Nov. 21), Boosie said he would be reaching out to more artists about using his music without the proper paperwork. He named-dropped YG as a person who he needed to contact.

"I gotta holla at YG," Boosie said in an Instagram Live video, which can be seen below. "I f**k with YG. I gotta holla at YG. It's a couple muthaf**kas."

Boosie kept his word. Last night, he shared a post on Twitter, accusing YG's hook on the 2014 hit single "Who Do You Love?" featuring Drake of swiping Boosie's chorus from his song titled "Who Do You Love," which came out in 2009.

"Check ya DM @yg MY G SO WE CAN TAKE CARE THIS," Boosie captioned the post below, which plays both tracks.

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Boosie Calls Out Rod Wave

Boosie has been on the rampage this week. On Sunday (Nov. 19), he called out Rod Wave for sampling his music, saying he wanted compensation.

"Rod Wave ain't the only one," Boosie BadAzz said in a video he shared on social media. "Y'all better do y'all research. I done got paperwork on the way. Lot of people. It ain't just Rod Wave."

He added: "I love when they do that s**t. The be giving my flowers. I be liking that s**t when I hear it. It's just, you gotta compensate me too. It's a business."

Rod Wave responded to Boosie, saying he would settle things with the Baton Rouge, La. rapper. Boosie later previewed a diss song.

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See Boosie calling out YG for using his lyrics below.

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