Cassie's former makeup artist shares details of an encounter when she witnessed bruises on Cassie following an alleged beating from former boyfriend Diddy.

Cassie's Former Makeup Artist and Friend Speaks on Witnessing Aftermath of Diddy's Abuse

During an interview with Extra TV on Tuesday (May 21), Cassie's former makeup artist and friend, Mylah Morales, spoke on a time when she witnessed the aftermath of Diddy allegedly abusing Cassie at The Beverly Hills Hotel one Grammy Awards weekend years ago.

"I don't even want to go back to it because it's triggering," Morales began. "All I witnessed was him walking into the room and saying, 'Where the f**k is she?' And I didn't know what was going on. I was like, 'I just woke up from a slumber,' and next thing you know, all I hear from the bedroom was just. S**t, I don't want to go back and think about."

Morales then described what she witnessed when she saw Cassie.

"She was bruised. I mean, badly bruised, like knots on her head, a black eye… and all I cared about was to get her to safety, and I took her into my house and kept her there for a few days," she added. "I literally called my friend, who was a doctor at the time, to treat her because we couldn't bring her to the hospital. We didn't know what the hell to do at that point. Who are we going to call? I'm scared just even talking about this, but I feel like somebody has to."

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Cassie's Former Makeup Artist Thinks Diddy's Apology Was a PR Stunt

As far as Diddy's apology for the video footage from 2016 that was recently released, showing Puff viciously assaulting Cassie, Morales feels it's disingenuous.

"Just a PR stunt," she expressed. "That's ridiculous, he didn't even mention her name. and if he was apologetic about it, he would mention her name, but he didn't. And that's what I don't understand."

Diddy issued an apology for the video footage last week, saying that he's apologetic and isn't seeking forgiveness. Puff, who didn't apologize to Cassie directly, also said he was in a dark place at the time. Cassie's attorney criticized Diddy's apology as well. Diddy's exclusion of mentioning Cassie in his apology may be due to him reportedly being prohibited from saying her name in public as a part of their lawsuit settlement.

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Check out the full interview with Cassie's former makeup artist and friend below.

Watch Cassie's Former Makeup Artist Speak on Diddy Abusing Cassie

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