Chrisean Rock claims that her son's father Blueface punched her multiple times while she was dropping off their kid.

Chrisean Rock Claims Blueface Assaulted Her During Meeting to Drop-Off Son

On Thursday (Dec. 21), Chrisean hopped on Instagram Live and claimed that Blueface had invited her over that morning to his Los Angeles home. Chrisean obliged in the hopes that Blue was willing to babysit their shared son Chrisean Jr. She later alleged to her IG followers it was merely a set up.

Blueface apparently turned hostile the minute Chrisean Rock arrived with their baby. The rapper also hopped on his Instagram Live when she arrived, and in one of the videos below can be seen clowning Chrisean in his driveway. He claims Chrisean had their child lying down in the car without a car seat, and continues to yell about how the baby looks nothing like him. Blueface also alleged that Chrisean just showed up without an invitation.

"He's punching me while I got my son in my hand, like," Chrisean told her followers from her car on IG Live. Blueface then seems to demand that she leave, which causes Chrisean to curse him out.

"He's mad I'm going Live, I'm going Live," Chrisean continued turning the camera on Blueface. "Your hands is already bloody. Show them your bloody hands!"

The former couple continue to throw jabs at each other while their son can be heard crying in the backseat. During Rock's lengthy livestream, she also showed alleged texts exchanged between her and Blue.

XXL has reached out to Blueface's team for comment.

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Blueface Accuses Chrisean Rock of Having Sex With Offset

The latest drama between the former flames comes after Blueface accused Chrisean Rock of having sex with Offset. On Dec. 10, the Los Angeles native hopped on Twitter to make the wild accusation, which both Chrisean and Offset later denied.

"FINALLY. Being tatted ona h*e is not a flex you literally f**ked cardi B husband couple weeks ago I'm tired of n***as looking at me while they f**king you get the rest of em gone asap please [prayer hands emoji]," Blue wrote in one post.

In his response, Offset asked that Blueface seek out help.

"I ain't never have talk or touch that lady," Offset wrote. "Real talk man you need some help!"

The accusation came after Chrisean got her Blueface neck tattoo covered up with a rose earlier in December.

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Watch Blueface and Chrisean Rock trade jabs below.

Watch Blueface and Chrisean Rock's Instagram Live

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