Chrisean Rock recently recorded a new song taking shots at Blueface in the wake of their new beef over their newborn son's genitals being posted on Blueface's social media.

Chrisean Rock Shares New Song Dissing Blueface

On Monday (Sept. 25), Chrisean Rock shared video on social media of herself in the studio recording a new song. On the track, which can be heard below, Chrisean addresses the recent drama Blueface.

"No weapon formed against us shall prosper/Fatherless child left with no option," Chrisean raps on the track, which is being called "Junior," a reference to Chrisean naming her and Blueface's child after herself. "You really think posting that picture was fair/Deep down you know that s**t was sick, you need to care/You a bitter baby father, that s**t clear."

"All the love that he gave me it cost us," she continues. "Business ain't business because you'd rather be toxic/F**k the Rollie, when I left I left with empty pockets."

"Save me, save me, save me," Chrisean repeats on the refrain. "I got a million-dollar baby, baby, baby/Everybody acting crazy, crazy, crazy."

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Blueface Faces Backlash

Blueface and Chrisean Rock's toxic relationship has been on full display over the past week, with the most recent incident coming over the weekend when a photo of their newborn son's genitals was posted on Blueface's account on X, formerly known as Twitter. After facing backlash, Blueface claimed the post was the work of hackers. Chrisean later blasted the rapper for the post on Instagram, implying the picture was posted out of spite.

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See Chrisean Rock recording a new song that takes shots at Blueface below.

Listen to Chrisean Rock's Blueface Diss

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