Drake may have taken a lyrical shot at 6ix9ine on his song "Stories About My Brother" from the For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition album.

Drake Appears to Take a Shot at 6ix9ine on "Stories About My Brother"

Drake is in his lyrical bag on the newest edition to his album, For All the Dogs, titled For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition, which dropped on Friday (Nov. 17). On the Conductor Williams-produced track, "Stories About My Brother," Drizzy is spraying lyrical shots at his detractors and it appears some rappers were collateral damage in the process.

On one line, Drake spits, "Imagine us gettin' our validation from an ex-musician searchin' for recognition/Same story every time, they heckle in repetition/I'm top of the mountain, these n***as still down at base camp, they plannin' they expedition."

Many fans have speculated that the 6 God was talking about Joe Budden, who criticized Drake's For All the Dogs album on his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast. Budden accused Drizzy of lacking maturity on his LP. This prompted Drake to call Joe a failure in a lengthy Instagram post.

On another verse, Drake raps, "Y'all the type to catch a charge, head to the deposition/And act like the rapper named after the sex position."

The line could be a diss to 6ix9ine and his past legal troubles. It's weird that Drake would throw the Brooklyn rapper under the bus since they haven't had any public beefs before.

Drake Releases For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition

Drake's For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition is the third installment in Drake's Scary Hours series and expands the original For All the Dogs into a deluxe album. The Grammy award-winning rapper announced his surprise musical return with a trailer posted on his Instagram page prior to the release. In the video below, Drake drives up to a venue where he is the only audience member for an orchestra performance. He narrates the video.

"I feel no need to appease anybody," he said in the trailer. "I feel so confident in the body of work that I just dropped, that I know I can go and disappear for whatever. Six months, a year, two years...It's not like I'm picking up on some unfinished s**t. It's happening on its own. Who am I to fight it, right?"

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Listen to Drake possibly dissing Joe Budden and 6ix9ine on "Stories About My Brother" below.

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