Fivio Foreign explains how he spent the $1.7 million he was signed for after $750,000 of that deal went into Ma$e's pocket.

Fivio Foreign Says Ma$e Got $750,000 of Fivio's $1.7 Million Record Deal

On Wednesday (Feb. 7), another segment of Fivio Foreign's multi-part interview on Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion podcast was released. In this part of the lengthy interview, the Brooklyn rapper detailed his storied financial past with Ma$e. Fivio claims that when he first signed with Ma$e's RichFish label in 2018, $750,000 of the $1.7 million deal went directly back to the Harlem rap legend himself.

"I got the 1.7," Fivio Foreign explains at the 5:14-mark in the video below. "So, what I did was, he got half of that deal. So, yeah he got $750,000 then, I got the rest. So, that's how that went. Then, when I got the rest, they gave me an advance out of that."

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How Did Fivio Foreign Spend the Advance Money From his $1.7 Million Record Deal?

Once Ma$e allegedly took his cut, Fivio was then given an advance out of the remainder of what was left from his overall deal of $1.7 million. In breaking down how he spent the advance, Fivio learned a very valuable lesson about properly handling his finances.

"My advance was like $300,000," Fivio's story continues. "With that $300,000, the smartest thing I did was I bought a truck, bulletproof. That was $100,000. Then, I bought chains for everybody, right, $75,000. I'm just doing the math so you can understand where my money was going."

He adds: "I got a crib in Tenafly, New Jersey for n***as. I paid it off. I didn't even know about putting money down for a mortgage or nothing. It was a rental house. I did like $90,000 on the rental when I could've put money down for a property. Now, I know. I would never do that again. So, that's like $250,000 gone already."

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In the video below, watch Fivio Foreign explain his $1.7 million record deal and how he spent his advance after Ma$e got his $750,000 cut.

Watch Fivio Foreign Explain His $1.7 Million Record Deal and How He Spent His Advance After $750,000 Went to Mase

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