Hitmaka and Tink are sharing what happened after their breakup. She claims they had a falling out because he wanted $2 million.

Tink Puts Hitmaka on Blast After Alleged Physical Altercation

On Saturday (Sept. 9), Tink hit up Instagram Live with an animated rant that sparked a whole back-and-forth between her and her former lover and collaborator Hitmaka. While implying that Hitmaka may leak a video of a physical altercation that supposedly transpired between the two, Tink said that Hitmaka is "foul" and that if push comes to shove, everyone involved will be "exposed."

"I don't bother n***as," Tink explains in the series of videos below. "So if I ever have to say something, it's valid and it means something. So just understand, Hitmaka, you foul. If you think to put out the video of me in the car, just understand I'ma have to let the clip go, and everybody's gonna get exposed. ’Cause I know how you been playing, the label know how you been playing, and I've been holding s**t down riding for you."

Tink continues: "Sometimes time reveals. I'm human, and I'm going to make mistakes, and this probably was close to the biggest. I've been through this s**t before and I'm not gonna be silent this time. People are playing with my pockets and playing in my face and I'm not having it. If I gotta get physical, that's what I gotta do, you understand?"

Hitmaka Claims Only Tink Took Part in the Physical Altercation, He Did Not

In response, Hitmaka also went on Instagram Live on Saturday to address what Tink had revealed. The Chicago rapper-producer explained that while things did get physical between Tink and himself at one point, he didn't touch her at all and he has no intentions of putting the footage out.

In the clip, Hitmaka says that he and Tink were in the same restaurant in Cancun, Mexico. When he was outside of the establishment and getting into a vehicle with a few women, Hitmaka alleges that Tink approached them, opened the car door and got physical with him.

He also explained that all was well between him and Tink until money became involved, that he's not going to let her accusations fly, that he "doesn't even know what that girl is talking about" and he "stands on being real."

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Hitmaka Explains That He and Tink Are Going Through a Breakup

After talks of the fight that happened with Tink began to circulate across the internet, Hitmaka returned to Instagram to further explain the situation. While telling his side of the story of the incident that supposedly went down in Cancun, Mexico, Hitmaka revealed that the fallout stems from a romantic relationship between him and the Chi-Town rapper.

"Stop painting no narrative," Hitmaka says in the video below. "Stop doing that or whatever on the internet. Me and Tink, me and Trinity, I'ma be honest with you. I love Trinity. We love each other. We're going through a breakup. You guys are allowing this girl to go and say something. Never did nothing to her in any of that whole situation."

Tink Confirms She Was Dating Hitmaka and Claims They Fell Out Over $2 Million

Following Hitmaka's revelation that the two were involved romantically, Tink returned to IG Live on Sunday with her next round of accusations. After confirming that they were, in fact, dating at one time, Tink explains how she's still under contract with Hitmaka and that the dispute is over $2 million dollars that she says he wanted from her following an argument over creative direction on Tink's music.

"Hitmaka is my A&R so he oversees a lot of the things I do," Tink explains before she describes a scenario in which Hitmaka washed his hands of their romantic and working relationship. "Along with me making that decision, Hitmaka is upset because I would not pay him $2 million. So, now we have a man that, number one, is upset because I wanted to work on my craft, and, number two, is looking for money."

How Long Were Hitmaka and Tink Dating?

While this is the first time Tink and Hitmaka have publicly addressed their romantic relationship, rumors that the rapper-producer combo began circulating in 2022. In an interview with Chicago's 107.5 WGCI back in August of last year, Tink referred to Hitmaka as her "special friend."

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Watch the entire back-and-forth between Tink and Hitmaka in the series of videos below.

XXL has reached out to Hitmaka for an official statement on Tink's claims that the dispute is over the $2 million she refused to give him.

Watch Hitmaka and Tink Each Share What Happened After Their Breakup

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