JayDaYoungan's family puts an extravagant new headstone on the late rapper's gravesite.

JayDaYoungan's Grave Gets New Headstone

On Wednesday (April 10), a video surfaced of a brand-new headstone at the location where the Louisiana rapper is laid to rest. The video, which can be seen below, shows a huge black headstone with an image of the rapper holding a turntable on it along with the number 23. A second image shows the rapper leaning on a Corvette.

"2X forever," is inscribed on the headstone. "Loving father, son, grandson, nephew, brother and friend. All is well."

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JayDaYoungan's Death

JayDayYoungan, born Javorius Scott, was shot and killed in his hometown of Bogalusa, La. back in July of 2022. The rapper's father, Kenyatta Scott, was also injured during the shooting but survived. A few days after the shooting, JayDaYoungan's father spoke out about the incident and said his son was ambushed by five gunmen while the rapper and his father were sitting in the front yard of their home.

Despite reports that the shooting was gang-related, Scott Sr. said he believed the shooting was done out of jealousy.

"[He was a] good, humble and respectful kid," Kenyatta Scott told reporters.

One of the men accused of shooting JayDayYoungan committed suicide when the police tried to apprehend him last June for an unrelated murder.

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Check out JayDaYoungan's new headstone below.

Watch the Video Showing JayDaYoungan's Extravagant New Headstone

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