For the first time, Jeezy admits he was molested as a child.

Jeezy Opens Up About Being Molested as a Child

On Tuesday (Nov. 7), Jeezy sat down with actress Nia Long for an eye-opening interview on his YouTube channel, following the release of his new album, I Might Forgive... But I Don't Forget. Throughout the discussion, the Atlanta rap legend takes a deep dive into the various forms of trauma he's encountered throughout his life including being sexually assaulted by his babysitter as a young boy—something he's never revealed before.

"I think there was several things," Jeezy explains regarding some of his most trauma-inducing moments. "I think that the first was being left with a babysitter that was a woman, that was older than me. You know, and her touching me, doing things to me that don't normally happen to kids."

At that point, Nia Long replies: "Like molesting?"

"Right, basically," Jeezy continues. "So, I was introduced to sex at a very young age."

Jeezy Discusses Going to Therapy to Try to Save His Marriage

Elsewhere during the very candid interview, Jeezy addresses his recent divorce from media personality Jeannie Mai. He reveals that they went through therapy sessions in hopes of salvaging their two-year marriage. Jeezy says that the failed attempt at reconciliation with Mai has "not been an easy journey" and has left him "saddened" and "disappointed."

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Jeezy Addresses Trauma and Personal Growth on New Album I Might Forgive... But I Don't Forget

Jeezy's emotional conversation with Nia Long comes directly on the heels of his equally personal new album, I Might Forgive... But I Don't Forget. The 29-track double LP was released on Nov. 3 and finds the Atlanta MC switching gears from drug-centric street raps to lyrical content that further explores his traumatic experiences and personal growth.

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In the revealing interview below, watch Jeezy open up about being molested as a child, going to therapy in an attempt to save his marriage and more.

Watch Jeezy Detail Being Molested as a Child for the First Time in His Tell-All Interview With Nia Long

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