Fans have shared their reactions to Jeezy's new Tiny Desk concert, and they're mixed across the board.

Jeezy Performs New Tiny Desk Concert

On Wednesday (Feb. 21), Jeezy's eagerly awaited Tiny Desk concert premiered on NPR's YouTube channel. During his time on the coveted stage, The Snowman ran through  "Standing Ovation," "Air Forces," "Bottom Of The Map," "And Then What," "Go Crazy" and "Everythang" alongside a full band.

While Jeezy seemed to be having a good time, fans were divided on whether or not the rapper's performance registered with them. Some supporters criticized Jeezy himself for forgetting some of his lyrics, while others said the young crowd of Howard University students was to blame for the low energy.

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Fans React to Jeezy Tiny Desk Concert

Fans went to X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice their opinions on the Tiny Desk show. A good majority of users blamed the show's low energy on the young crowd, while some said a slowed-down Jeezy set just wasn't doing it for them.

"The crowd wasn’t hype enough for my liking on Jeezy Tiny Desk," one user wrote on X. "He played some CLASSICS." 

Other fans didn't understand the hate and expressed their approval of Jeezy's show.

"Damn Jeezy's tiny desk was wayyyyyy too short," one supporter chimed in. Another added, "Jeezy performing 'go crazy on NPR's Tiny Desk, acute nostalgia."

"Jeezy Tiny Desk was hard as f**k!!" another fan added.

Jeezy is just the latest veteran rapper to stop by NPR's Tiny Desk. In December of 2023, Scarface performed on NPR's Tiny Desk as well, and Juvenile gave an equally as memorable Tiny Desk show back in June of 2023.

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Watch Jeezy's Tiny Desk performance and see the reactions below.


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