Joe Budden is calling out Lupe Fiasco for rapping over André 3000's instrumental album New Blue Sun.

On Sunday (Nov. 26), the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast aired on YouTube. During the lengthy episode, Joe and his cohosts touched on Lupe Fiasco coopting Dre's new album to rap over the instrumentals.

"Hey Lupe, man. Stop," Joe instructed around the 1:33:00-mark of the episode below. "He's rapping over them damn flutes...I cut that s**t right off."

When one of Joe's cohosts warned him about going at Lupe because Lupe would clap back, Joe responded, "Whoopty doo."

"Yo, dawg, it's women listening with vaginas," he added. "Why would he do that to that? I can't say nothing ’cause he gon' diss me."

"I'm gon' get in trouble," Joe concluded. "I'm done critiquing rap. I'm gon' come tell y'all what's bulls**t. That was some bulls**t. That was clout-chasing."

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Lupe Fiasco Promises to Rap Over André 3000 Album and Delivers

After André 3000 shocked fans on Nov. 14 by announcing he would be releasing an instrumental album, Lupe Fiasco promised to rap over the beats.

"Gonna rap all over that 3stacks album and put it in the time capsule for future generations..." Lupe tweeted.

He made good on his promise last week, dropping a freestyle over the track “I Really Wanted to Make a Rap Album, But This Is Literally the Way the Wind Blew Me This Time.”

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See Joe Budden calling out Lupe Fiasco for rapping over André 3000's instrumental album below.

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