Kai Cenat recently blasted Ye for calling him an "industry plant."

Kai Cenat Slams Ye for Calling Him an "Industry Plant"

Streaming king Kai Cenat has denied that he's an industry plant after Ye called him one during his interview with Justin Laboy on The Download podcast. On Thursday (April 25), a video popped up on social media of Kai watching Ye's convo with Justin and reacting to the Chicago rapper-producer calling him an industry plant. The clip can be viewed below.

Apparently, Ye is still upset that Kai criticized the sweatpants that he sent him, which were too big.

"He gon' talk s**t about my pant," he scoffed, to which Justin responded, "He's an industry plant."

"Of course, he's the opposite, totally," Ye replied. "The f**king exact genre is the most industry plants. It's about mind control," he added, presumably, accusing the streaming community of having industry plants.

Ye also expressed his displeasure of Kai mentioning his daughter's name.

After watching the clip, Kai freaks out and insists that's he's not an industry plant.

"Ye, I've been doing this s**t since 2018, Ye," he said. "Facebook. Me. Bronx. Funny skits. Been doing this s**t."

Kai then explosively reacted by flipping his chair and expressed his amazement at the extent of Ye's vitriol over the oversized pants sent to him.

"Ye just send me some new pants, bro!" he yelled.

"I'm far from an industry plant, I got this out the mud," Kai added. "People got to do some research."

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Kai Cenat and Ye's Feud Is Over Sweatpants

As previously mentioned, last March, Kai unboxed some free Yeezy merch he received while streaming on Twitch. But when he tried on some of the gear, Kai clowned Ye for sending him oversized sweatpants that could not fit him.

"N***a!" Cenat yelled while emphasizing his sweatpants were two, possible three sizes too big for the petite streamer. "Bro, this s**t is not fitting me, bro!"

Cenat then started comically dancing in the oversized sweatpants to 50 Cent's 2003 hit, "In da Club," which entertained his viewers.

Ye saw Kai's video, which can be viewed below, and was not happy about it. The Vultures 1 creator sent the 22-year-old content creator a very angry message, which can be viewed below.

It looks like Ye is still not happy with Kai Cenat's critique of his sweatpants.

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Peep Kai Cenat blast Ye for calling him an industry plant below.

Watch Kai Cenat Clapping Back at Ye for Calling Him an "Industry Plant"

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