Kanye West's son Saint West met the wrath of his mother Kim Kardashian, who reprimanded the 7-year-old over the weekend for showing paparazzi his middle finger.

Kanye West's Son Saint Gives Paparazzi the Finger, Kim Kardashian Disapproves

On Sept. 15, Kanye West's son and his mother Kim K were spotted by TMZ while heading into a Los Angeles restaurant for dinner following Saint's basketball game. While the mother and son were getting out of their car to head inside the restaurant with some of Saint's friends, Ye's kid quickly gave photographers the middle finger. The action did not go unnoticed by Kim, who responded by putting her hand on his face. Saint then gave the paparazzi the middle finger once more while Kim Kardashian's head was turned before they all went inside the restaurant.

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Kanye West Has a Habit of Flipping Out at Paparazzi

It seems that Saint might just be following in his father's footsteps, as Kanye West has a long history of flipping his lid at the paparazzi. He recently confronted a TMZ photographer back in 2022, claiming that he should get a percentage of their profits since they take his picture so much.

Ye also got in a photographer's face back in 2013 when they tried to chat him up about the rumored Watch the Throne 2. Ye at the time was trying to catch a flight out of Los Angeles International Airport, and he wasn't having it.

"Don't talk to me, I don't wanna hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know," Ye told the photographer. "And tell everybody never talk."

However, Ye mostly has just avoided paparazzi in recent months. Back in February, Kanye went so far as to wear a ski mask in order to avoid getting his picture taken.

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Watch the video of Saint West giving the paparazzi the finger below.

Watch Saint West Get Scolded by Kim Kardashian After Giving Paparazzi the Finger

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