Kanye West is raising eyebrows again. This time, it's over a T-shirt that he wore featuring an image of former Nazi supporter Varg Vikernes.

Kanye Rocks T-Shirt With Image of Former Neo-Nazi Varg Vikernes

On Friday (Jan. 19), rapper JPEGMAFIA hopped on his Instagram page and posted a photo showing him standing next to Kanye West who is flashing his $850,000 titanium grill. JPEG wrote in the caption: "Can't talk right now. doing hot girl s**t."

Although the photo looked innocent enough, fans zeroed in on the T-shirt that Ye was wearing, which can be seen below. The Grammy Award-winning artist was rocking a shirt featuring an image of Kristian "Varg" Vikernes, the frontman of the Norwegian black metal group BURZUM. More importantly, Varg is a former Nazi supporter who has a notorious history of violence and hate, as well as going to prison for murder and arson. Although he openly embraced Nazism during the 1990s, Varg has since disavowed the ideology.

Nevertheless, fans weren't happy about Kanye rocking a shirt with an image of the former neo-Nazi.

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Fans React to Kanye West Wearing a T-Shirt Featuring an Image of a Former Nazi Supporter

When JPEGMAFIA's photo started circulating on social media, fans questioned Ye wearing a shirt with a known neo-Nazi on it after he apologized in Hebrew to the Jewish community for his past anti-Semitic activities in an IG post on Dec. 26, 2023.

"Kanye is a nazi. That burzum shirt is explicitly a neo nazi band with ties to literal murderers," wrote one person on X, formerly known as Twitter. "This is nazi mainstreaming by kanye and must be opposed at all levels. Kanye cannot be allowed to present neo nazi material as normal to millions of fans."

Another person typed: "The person on Kanye's shirt is a neo-nazi. How is posing with a dude wearing a shirt of a neo-nazi, after himself, numerous times, showing himself to be a nazi, a flex? How isn't this a*shole completely toxic yet?"

A third fan posted: "Oh no not kanye with his new platinum grill that looks like duct tape wearing the shirt of a norwegian black metal group whose lead singer is an avowed neo-nazi wow this is so wild and unexpected."

Kanye West continues to court controversy no matter what.

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Check out the photo of Kanye West wearing a T-shirt with an image of a former Nazi Supporter and fans' angry reactions to it below.

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