A video recently popped up online of a fan jumping onstage during Ken Carson's performance and getting tackled by security.

A Ken Carson Fan Gets Tackled During Rapper's Performance

On Thursday (June 29), a Ken Carson fan page on Twitter shared a video of a fan hopping onstage during the rapper's performance and security tackling him. In the clip (below), The "MDMA" rapper is rocking the mic when suddenly a fan jumps onstage and begins hopping up and down like a rabbit.

Interestingly, Carson trots away and allows security to do their thing. That's when a hulking man violently tackles the overzealous fan like he was a defender sacking a quarterback. The security guard picks up the man and drags him to the front of the stage before tossing him like a rag doll. There's no word if the fan suffered any injuries, but he looked dazed from the security's rugby-styled tackle.

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Fans Have Been Confronted by Security at Rap Shows Before

It's not uncommon for a fan to make the woeful mistake of jumping onstage while a rap artist is performing.

Case in point: During Lil Baby's performance at the 2022 Openair Frauenfeld festival, a fan rushed the stage and briefly touched the rapper. That's when security quickly intervened and forcefully pushed the fan off the stage, causing them to land head-first into the cage barrier that was there to protect the audience. A staff member was seen helping the stunned fan after the incident. It is unclear if the fan sustained any injuries during the fall. Peep the video below.

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See video of a Ken Carson fan getting tossed off stage during one of the rapper's recent performances below.

Watch a Fan Get Violently Tackled During Ken Carson's Performance Below

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