Gucci Mane has an unlikely stan in retired NASCAR driver Mark Martin.

Mark Martin's Favorite Artist Is Gucci Mane

On Thursday (April 18), Martin was a guest on the Rubbin Is Racing podcast where he talked about the current state of racing, his legacy and his musical taste. During the sit-down, which can be seen below, Martin spoke on his love for Guwop.

"I'ma tell you right now, in my opinion, there is no one in the same zip code as Gucci Mane," the NASCAR Hall of Famer said at the 1:07:27 mark of the interview below. "If I rapped, I would never do a duo with him. Every time he does one with anybody, he just crushes them. I mean, this guy is unbelievable. I do like the old Gucci much better than the new Gucci. I liked his old music. I like him when he was fat and scary."

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How Did Mark Martin Become a Guwop Fan?

So how did the 65-year-old Batesville, Ark. native who is considered by many to be the greatest NASCAR racer of all time become a Gucci Mane fan?

"I got on Dr. Dre in about 2002," Martin explained around the 1:06:40 mark of the interview. "I evolved from that to Eminem. And then, I had one of my son's friends, you know they were kids, ask me if I listen to Gucci Mane. I didn't know who it was. As soon as I found him, it was like crazy. You couldn't get him hardly anything on iTunes. You had to go to It was free, but you had to figure out how to download it on your computer."

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See Mark Martin's interview raving about Gucci Mane below.

Watch Mark Martin on Rubbin Is Racing

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