Offset recently called out fans who were using Takeoff's name "in the middle of all this" with Quavo seemingly agreeing with 'Set's comment.

Offset Says Fans Mentioning Takeoff's Name Amid His Controversy Is Not Cool, Quavo Reacts

On Saturday (Dec. 16), Offset jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and addressed fans who were mentioning Takeoff's name amid news of his breakup with Cardi B. The Atlanta rapper said that he was still grieving the loss of the late Migos artist and felt it was in poor taste.

"Correction: Fans using Takeoff's name in the middle of all this isn't cool. I'm still grieving my brother, and would like for his name to not be brought up," Offset wrote in his post, which can be viewed below.

Quavo appeared to have read Offset's message and seemingly concurred with his sentiments.

"Nephew ain’t wit the soap opera LONG LIVE Rocket [rocket ship emoji] [prayer hands emoji] pray for y’all tho [Eleven infinity emojis]," Quav wrote in his missive, which can be viewed below.

Huncho then posted another message with an image of Takeoff and the words, "Us vs Them [rocket ship emoji]."

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Cardi B Curses Out Offset on Social Media

Although Offset didn't explain what he meant by saying "in the middle of all this isn't cool," many fans have speculated that he's referring to his breakup with Cardi B.

On Friday (Dec. 15), Cardi hopped on X and blasted her now ex-husband Offset and threatened to "take it there."

"@OffsetYRN you a b***h a*s n***a...and trust me imma f**kin take it there," Cardi wrote, adding, "Muf**as will try you when you at ya lowest and your most vulnerable time.. you out here feeling yourself but trust me the tables turn."

The Bronx rhymer also expressed her disdain for Offset on Instagram, tearfully calling 'Set out for being deceitful.

"You been f**king feeling yourself you b**ch a*s n***a because of your b**ch a*s album and s**t and you really been f**king been doing me dirty after so many f**king years that I motherf**king helped your a*s. Not even a f**king thank you that I got from you b**ch a*s. And it's so crazy that I gotta go to the f**king internet because whenever the f*ck I tell you something you don't take s**t seriously," she wrote in part.

Hopefully, Offset and Cardi B can mend their fractured relationship.

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See Offset's message addressing fans who are using Takeoff's name in the middle of his controversy and Quavo's reaction below.

Read Offset's Post Addressing Fans Mentioning Takeoff's Name and Quavo's Reaction

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