Offset was caught on video engaging in a money-throwing war that escalated into a scuffle.

Offset's Money Throwing Leads to a Scuffle at Starlets

On Sunday (April 22), Instagram user @unitedkevin444 posted several videos of Offset at Starlets strip club in New York. In a viral clip, which can be viewed below, Offset is standing on the stage holding a stack of cash while looking at the crowd as money is being thrown around in the club.

Offset, looking frustrated, turns around and places his stack of money on the table. Then, unexpectedly, Offset makes a daring leap into the crowd, where he engages in a skirmish with a group of men who were throwing money. Thankfully, security personnel swiftly intervened and separated the Atlanta rhymer from the crowd. As the situation escalated, the announcer, now in panic mode, promptly ordered all strippers and bartenders to go downstairs immediately.

There's no word on what prompted Offset to jump into the crowd. However, in another video, it appeared that Offset was engaging in a "money war" where he and a group of men in the crowd were throwing money at each other. It also looked like some heated words were exchanged between the two factions during the money-throwing incident.

Many people will probably find this incident ridiculous, but it happened at a strip club where "making it rain" is the norm.

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Rick Ross Slaps a Fan With a Stack of Cash at a Club

In January of 2024, Rick Ross went viral after a video surfaced of him slapping a fan with a huge wad of cash.

In the clip below, Rozay—with several stacks of money in one hand—is at a club and was about to interact with the crowd when someone tosses several bills right in the Miami rapper's face. Ross wasn't too happy about it. The rap veteran zeroed in on the culprit, flipped a wad of bills in his hand and directly slapped him with it.

Surprisingly, the person was happy that Ross cold-slapped him with a stack of money. He also didn't bother to pick the money off the floor.

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See Offset's scuffle with the crowd after engaging in a money-throwing war below.

Watch Offset's Scuffle With the Crowd at Starlets

Watch Offset Engaged in a Money-Throwing War at Starlets

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