Sada Baby is celebrating his sobriety after revealing that at one time he was spending up to $20,000 per week on lean.

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Sada Baby hit up Twitter to address people saying he looked high in a recent video he uploaded on social media. In the clip, Sada is in the studio vibing to the playback of a song he just recorded.

"Because I was doin’ the explanation shit all damn session like I do anyways," Sada Baby typed. "How [the fuck] do y'all think I was too high? Do y'all really know what junkies look like? They [can't] function, dumb-ass ppl. Know me before you think I'm too high like these MFs who be overdosing. Not Casada."

In an eye-opening follow-up post regarding his past drug use, Sada said he is currently sober after quitting his $10,000 to $20,000 a week promethazine and codeine habit. He also divulged that he is no longer purchasing Percocet pills and has even given up smoking cigarettes.

"Ain't spent 10-20k a week on lean in longer than a year," tweeted Sada Baby. "Ain't bought over 5 perks in two months. Ain't smoked a cigarette in two months. Suck my dick [and] celebrate my sobriety."

Sada Baby is one of a few Detroit rappers to recently celebrate their sobriety. Last summer, Famous revealed he'd been clean for five months after entering rehab. Eminem annually celebrates his sobriety on social media.

See Sada Baby Celebrate His Sobriety and Explain How Much He Used to Spend on Drugs Below

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