Suge Knight thinks it's unfair that Chris Brown loses opportunities for his past abuse toward women while Dr. Dre doesn't.

Suge Knight Reacts to Chris Brown NBA Celebrity All-Star Game Issue

On Sunday (Feb. 18), Suge Knight reacted to news of Chris Brown's invitation to play in the 2024 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game being rescinded, which was rumored to be due to Brown's 2009 arrest for assaulting Rihanna. In the jail call, which can be heard below, the former Death Row CEO calls out the fact that Dr. Dre's name is on the Grammys' Global Impact Award, despite Dre infamously assaulting reporter Dee Barnes in 1991 and abuse allegations levied against Dre from singer Michel'le.

"You can have a man that's part of that secret society and they gonna give him an award. The Impact Award," Suge says in the clip below. "The muthaf**ka that done beat up more b****es than anybody. This man get an award for beating up women. Chris Brown is stripped from his crown."

Suge continues: "I'm not saying it was right how him and Rihanna got into it and they had a fight or he beat her up. I'm not saying that. But what I'm saying is this. He had a fight with one woman. Or he beat up one woman and they still casting stone at him. They don't give him his cigar. They don't let him come perform. They don't let him pretty much win awards. But you can have an Impact Award for Andre."

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Chris Brown Calls Out the NBA

Suge Knight's views on the matter come after Chris Brown called out the NBA for rescinding his invite to play in the 2024 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game over the weekend.  In response, the game's sponsor Ruffles issued a statement denying their involvement in the move. Breezy wasn't trying to hear it.

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Check out Suge Knight compare Chris Brown to Dr. Dre below.

Hear Suge Knight's Opinion on Chris Browns' Rescinded Invite to Play in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

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