At a recent club event, T.I. asked a DJ to play one of his hit songs and instead the DJ put on a Destiny's Child track. And Tip wasn't happy about it.

On Friday (May 26), a video surfaced of T.I. inside a club standing next to his longtime producer DJ Toomp. While the Atlanta rhymer was saluting Toomp for his friendship and accomplishments, he turned to the DJ and asked him to play one of their hit songs together. For unknown reasons, the DJ spun Destiny's Child's 2004 track "Soldier," which features T.I. and Lil Wayne, but it was not produced by the veteran track master.

Tip, visibly upset by the DJ's gaffe, yells, "That ain't one of 'em! That ain't one of 'em!"

T.I. then reminded the crowd why he's the King of the South. The rap veteran started rapping the lyrics — acappella — to "Dope Boyz" from his 2001 album I'm Serious, which was produced by DJ Toomp. The crowd rapped along with Tip as he delivered his street narratives with precision.

After he finished, T.I. turned around and scolded the DJ once again.

"Hey DJ, that's what you supposed to play," he said. "Hey DJ, that's what you supposed to play," he repeated again to make it clear that the DJ had failed miserably with his assignment.

It's unclear who the DJ was at the event, but his embarrassing moment has gone viral.

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