UPDATE (Nov. 27): 

A representative for T.I. has issued a statement on his behalf regarding the recent incident with his son King Harris.

"Mr. Harris shares that doesn't wish to speak on family matters in the media," Tip's statement reads.


T.I. was captured on video in a heated argument with his son King Harris over the weekend.

T.I. Involved in Heated Argument With Son King Harris at Atlanta Falcons Football Game

On Sunday (Nov. 26), T.I. brought his family out to the Atlanta Falcons NFL game as he appeared in front of a packed Mercedes-Benz stadium to bring the Falcons out of the locker room. At one point during the outing, King's son hit up Instagram Live to stream a lively debate he was having with T.I. and King's mother, Tiny Harris.

As the notable hip-hop family argued over whether or not King Harris was the product of a privileged childhood, things became increasingly heated. While King denies growing up within a gated community, he explains that he spent most of his childhood being raised by his grandmother. He says he preferred being at his grandmother's house where he claims to have lived a lifestyle that was much more rough around the edges.

"King, have you ever woke up with a roach on your face?" T.I. counters in the video below. "Alright then! You don't know what you talking ’bout."

In reference to living with his grandmother, King's mother Tiny then chimes in: "I'ma tell you why we wanted to be over there. ’Cause he could suck a pacifier over there. He could suck a pacifier over there until he was 12 years old. He didn't do that in the house."

Later in the IG Live video, Tiny appears to grab King's phone as he continues to film and becomes much more argumentative. T.I. then appears to grab ahold of his son, yelling that he is "embarrassing himself" and his family.

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King Harris Responds to Heated Argument With T.I.

King Harris then returned to Instagram with a series of since-deleted IG Stories addressing the situation.


He continues: "If Ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when u DONT."

Also, on King Harris' Instagram amid the dispute, the up-and-coming rapper posted a song dedicated to his aforementioned grandmother titled, "Grandma Boy."

XXL has reached out to both T.I. and King Harris for statements on the matter.

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In the video and Instagram Stories below, watch the heated exchange between T.I. and his son, and see King's response to the situation.

Watch T.I. Get Involved in a Heated Argument With His Son King Harris

See King Harris' Response to the Heated Argument With His Father T.I.

Listen to King Harris' Song "Grandma Boy" Dedicated to His Grandmother

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