Young Guru is refuting Dame Dash's recent claims that Jay-Z stole songs from other rappers.

Guru Calls Cap on Damon Dash Accusations

On Wednesday night (Dec. 20), Jay-Z's longtime engineer Young Guru hopped on Twitter and responded to Dame Dash accusing Hov of swiping songs from rappers in his circle in a recent interview.

"CAP on this narrative that jay STEALS songs," Guru posted along with a video clip of Dame's claims below. "1. Jay got “I just want to love you” directly from Pharrell and made the song from scratch. Sparks says a Rick James hook."

He continued: "2. 'Can I get' was Irv’s idea, literally said 'Jay get on this record but please keep JA.' I love you OG but nah."

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Dame Dash Calls Out Jay-Z for Stealing Songs

Young Guru's rebuttal comes on the heels of Dame Dash appearing on Ray Daniels' The Gauds Show on Tuesday (Dec. 19). During the sit-down, Dame accused Jigga of taking songs on multiple occasions.

"Jay had a pattern of doing that. Of just jacking n***as records," Dame said while talking about Cam’ron’s decision to take Hov’s verse off "Oh Boy." "Jay has a record of getting on a record after it gets hot and now he can perform that record and now it sounds like he made that record. But it already was hot. That was a model he did."

Dame continued: "Ja Rule’s record 'Can I Get A…,' that was Ja Rule’s record. 'I’m a hustler, baby!' ['I Just Wanna Love U'], that was [Omillio] Sparks' record. That’s the only reason why Sparks is on there, ’cause it was his record. So he does this thing where he says it’s your record, I’ll jump on and now it’s my record. It’s almost extortion."

Dame has been speaking on his soured relationship with Jay-Z in interviews a lot, recently. Back in September, he opined that Hov took an L in the Nas battle.  In November, Dame faulted Lyor Cohen for the break-up of Roc-A-Fella. Dame also recently said he is willing to talk to Jay to discuss their disagreements.

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See Dame Dash accusing Hov of stealing songs from other rappers and Young Guru's response below.

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