Young Thug's father is calling out Lil Baby for throwing shots at Gunna for snitching allegations.

Big Jeff Speaks on Young Thug Case

On Tuesday (Dec. 19), Jeffery Williams Sr. sat down with legal affairs journalist Infamous Sylvia for a livestream to discuss the Young Thug trial, which is currently in recess until January. During the talk, Jeff Sr. addressed Lil Baby dissing Gunna.

"He need to shut the f**k up, ’cause he don't know what's going on," Thug's father said at the 1:17:10-mark of the video below. "He going off a what he heard. Ask Lil Baby has he ever come to a court date. That's what I want y'all to ask these goddamn rappers and these bloggers with this snitch s**t."

He continued: "When have y'all went to a court date to support Slime?...Go on their social media pages and say, 'Why in the f**k haven't you been to the courthouse to support your dude?' And I guarantee you won't get an answer."

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Lil Baby Throws Shots at Gunna

Gunna has been somewhat of an industry pariah since he made a plea deal in the YSL RICO case last winter and admitted YSL is a violent street gang in court. Over the summer, Lil Baby appeared to diss Gunna in a song snippet that hit the internet. Earlier this month, video surfaced of Lil Baby saying "F**k the rats" when his "Drip Too Hard" collab with Gunna was played during a performance.

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See Jeffery Williams Sr. call out Lil Baby for throwing shots at Gunna below.

Watch Jeffery Williams Sr. on Infamous Sylvia

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