Has Jennifer Lawrence  ever called you "Pickle" or "The Lady in Read" because UH-OH this means Jennifer Lawrence hates you!!!

During an interview on Watch What Happens Live last night (December 19), host Andy Cohen dutifully tried to make J. Law, his guest, say terrible things about other people in Hollywood for his amusement. Lawrence was a good sport for the most part, and when Cohen asked Lawrence's best pal Laura Simpson about the meanest thing Lawrence ever said about a fellow celebrity, Simpson had this to say:

"There's a lot of nicknames for certain celebrities...There's The Lady. There's Pickle—"

"Well The Lady has different variations," Lawrence interrupted. "There's The Raging Lady, The Lady in Red, The Lady in Waiting."

Tough day to be a lady!

Elsewhere in the show, Lawrence confirmed that a movie she's writing with good pal Amy Schumer is moving forward, and that she's got another actor in mind to join the the pals along their adventures.

"It's about two sisters who go on a road trip to try to reconnect with their brother," Lawrence said of the unnamed project. "Hopefully it would be Chris Pratt."


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