The biggest question going into Star Wars: The Last Jedi is how the movie will deal with Carrie Fisher’s passing. She had finished all of her scenes for the movie before her death last winter, but the series would be remiss if she wasn’t given a proper sendoff. We still don’t know if another actress will play General Leia in Episode IX, or if she’ll be somewhat written out of it, but John Boyega says she’s given her due in The Last Jedi.

During an appearance on Popcorn with Peter Travers, Boyega spoke about how hard it was to lose Fisher, and how the movie sends her off.

This movie, it sends her off in a very amazing, amazing way. She’s still kept alive in this franchise. You know, that’s the beauty of it, she lives forever in a sense.

Obviously, we won‘t know exactly what he means until we’re in our seats in the theater, but it’s reassuring to hear that the film is very much aware of what her character, and what Carrie Fisher, means to the world of the series and to the fans who love her.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters December 15.

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