Could Justin Trudeau be any more violent?

The dreamy Canadian prime minister has made headlines for a tweet in which he wrote that he wanted to slam a fist into the face of one Chandler Bing, better known by his alter ego, Matthew Perry.

Trudeau isn't your run-of-the-mill schoolyard bully looking to clock someone for the sheer thrill of it, though. No, his logic for wanting to bop his fellow Canadian in the kisser stems from an interview Perry did last month with Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in which Perry claimed he beat up the country's future leader when they were kids.

So, Perry is clearly the type to punch and tell, but Trudeau, who's probably developed a few more muscles in the decades since he was pummeled, is not backing down now, as evidenced by his tweet.

And we all know what happens when you stand up to a bully, right? He cowers and backs away with his tail between his legs. Perry himself is Exhibit A. Witness his tweet in response to Trudeau:

Of course, we wouldn't expect Perry to be such a tough guy when it comes down to it. We all remember how Chandler and Ross handled the coffeehouse bullies.

No, you don't? Well, here's a reminder.

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