Years before he'd be parodied on South Park, Kanye West fell victim to the mischievous intentions of Ashton Kutcher, who famously pranked him into oblivion by making him an unwitting participant of MTV's Punk'd.

The show was one that featured clips of celebrities getting pranked in embarrassing fashion, and Kutcher's Kanye prank was one of the most memorable. For the episode, Kutcher infiltrates the set of a Kanye video shoot and makes an inside man of Chris Milk, the director responsible for helming "Jesus Walks" version two, which is the video Kanye is visiting an L.A. area film set to shoot in the episode. Kutcher also has a faux Los Angeles Film Commission crew (made up of his own team) meet Kanye on the set.

Upon meeting the leader of the crew, who is actually just one of Kutcher's folks in disguise, Kanye is told that he can't film the video unless he's got a permit.

After some extensive back-and-forth with the leader, things come to a head when the crew attempts to take rolls of film off of Kanye's hands. That's when 'Ye understandably gets loud and things get a bit heated. "That's my film," he shouts indignantly as he snatches a roll of film and makes his way to his whip to bounce from the scene.

As he was being driven away, Kutcher catches up to 'Ye and the two have a good laugh after he reveals that Kanye's just become the latest prank victim for an episode of Punk'd. Pretty good stuff.

The episode originally premiered on June 13, 2004, so we're coming up on the 15th anniversary of the day it first aired.

Take a trip down memory lane and watch the Punk'd episode for yourself below. The Kanye part comes in at the eight-minute mark.

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