In the mood for some good 'ol southern eatin'?  Keeta King is buying you lunch at the new soul food joint in Texarkana! Tomorrow inside the 12 o'clock hour, listen for the que to call while you're jammin' on the job with Keeta King. Be my very first caller to win a free lunch at Carey's Country Cooking located in Wake Village. Better be quick!

Johnny Carey and Becky Carey are the husband-and-wife team that own Carey's Country Cooking located at 607 Redwater Road in Wake Village. In making plans to launch the new soul food joint, that's only been serving customers for a couple of weeks, the two took into consideration two major details: 

 1. The type of food they wanted to cook. 2. Where they wanted to cook it. 

"There isn't too much competition in the soul food field, and over here in Wake Village, we aren't close to the ones that are located in the area. It is all about location,"

Johnny Carey told a Texarkana Gazette reporter.

The restaurant is located across from Domino's Pizza and is open 10 am - 7 pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 11 am to 4 pm on Sundays.

If your soul is in need of freshly smoked meats steamed veggies and freshly made breads, make sure you're Jammin on the Job with Keeta King inside the 12 o'clock hour.

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