After a lengthy search (and at least one article that called it “the least wanted job in town”) a host for the 2019 Oscars has finally been found. Kevin Hart is your new Academy Awards monologue giver.

He announced the news on his Instagram page, calling the gig “the opportunity of a lifetime for me as a comedian” and “a goal ... for a long time.” (I guess he doesn’t read The Hollywood Reporter):

The gist of THR’s article was that while the job emceeing the Oscars is high profile and puts you in front of billions of eyeballs around the world, it also comes with enormous pressure and expectations. Any mistake, any flub, and questionable joke, and you will face immediate and overwhelming social media backlash. And the punishment for just being not particularly funny is equally harsh. (Remember when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted for some reason? No, you don’t.)

Hart’s a funny guy, and maybe he can get he perpetual onscreen buddy Dwayne Johnson to make some cool videos to run during the show. Whatever he wants to do, he doesn’t have too much time to prepare; the 2019 Oscars air on February 24.

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