Kristen Stewart is such a rebel and she doesn't care what anyone thinks because she's like, so edgy and special! Anyone, that is, aside from cuckolded boyfriend Robert Pattinson's sisters.

K-Stew skipped out on Christmas in R-Pattz's homeland because she's pretty horrified at what his family thinks of her after she, you know, got caught hooking up with her married director on camera.

Pattinson spent the holidays in South London with his folks, and his sister Lizzy is particularly pissed about his reuniting with the smile-averse starlet.

He and his sibling got into a few arguments about it, because, well, no one wants to see someone they love being mistreated by someone who doesn't even shower.

“The rows kicked off on Christmas Eve when protective Lizzy had some words with Robert about getting back with a cheat," a source dished.

“They were out drinking in Barnes, where Rob grew up. Lizzy was giving him grief about taking Kristen back and said she’s always hated the way he’s been treated by her. He and Kristen spent the festive season apart partly because she’s terrified of facing Rob’s family.”

It's unclear exactly why Rob's family is so terrifying. We'd worry a lot more if they were Italian.

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