I stumbled across this video about everyday life on the International Space Station, (ISS) and the space-geek in me sprung to life. I would soooo do this is given the opportunity.

The real bummer is that I don't think NASA needs a morning show radio dude in space right now, nor in the foreseeable future. By the time space travel is routine I'll probably be too old, grumble, grumble, grumble. Get off my lawn!

For now though I can dream can't I?

In this video, astronaut Sunita (Suni) Williams explains how the ISS works and gives a fantastic end to end tour including one of the Soyuz spacecraft ready to take her back to earth the next day.

Welcome to the ISS, where everyday is a bad hair day.

Questions asked and answered include how and where do they go to the bathroom? Where do they sleep? Do they lay down to sleep? What about privacy? What do they do with their off time? Plus much more.

This is one terrific tour of the ISS. If you're into space stuff at all this is a must see.

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