Lil Baby has never had any issues with DaBaby but some people tried to put a wedge between the two artists.

Lil Baby was recently a guest on Joe Budden's Pull Up where they touched on a number of topics including his new album, My Turn. Around the 34-minute mark, the conversation switches to his relationship with DaBaby. Early on in their careers, many people thought it would be beef between the two rappers simply because of the similarities in their names. Lil Baby says that was never the case.

"I ain't gon' lie, so many niggas tried to go that way with me, but I always curved it from day one. Like, hell naw," Baby explained." "Niggas will say, 'He tried to do this.' I'm like, 'no,' every time. I make sure it ain't gon' ever be nothing. That ain't really my way. I ain't really, even if it was anything somebody said. I still was like, 'I ain't really on that.' 'Cause, I ain't really on that, period. And, for a fact, I seen him at SXSW before I really started rapping with a diaper on, on some baby shit, for sure. Even though my name was Baby from like hustling. That ain't my rap name or nothing."

Lil Baby went on to reveal they worked together before either of them blew up, and despite the name similarity, there is nothing else that really ties them together. "He don't sound like me. He ain't trying to kick my swag. His name just DaBaby, Lil Baby added.

Since the early collab, Lil Baby and DaBaby have continued a working relationship. They joined forces on the fittingly-titled song "Baby" off the Control the Streets Vol. 2 compilation in 2019. They also both recently appeared on Future and Drake's "Life Is Good (Remix)."

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