After a four-year delay, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V has finally arrived. We're looking at our favorite samples that are found on it.

The production on the album is stellar, with veteran hitmakers Swizz Beatz, Mannie Fresh, Cool & Dre and others giving Wayne some infectious beats. Two songs specifically, "Uproar" and "Dope N----z," have two notable song samples from former Bad Records artist G. Dep (who is now incarcerated) and hip-hop icon Dr. Dre, respectively. Elsewhere, you'll find samples of Tupac Shakur, Kanye West and even President Barack Obama.

Tha Carter V was first expected in October 2014, after Lil Wayne had first mentioned that it was on the way and dropped three tracks intended for it. The record was then pushed back until December, but then he accused Cash Money of holding it back, and he sued the label for $51 million. Over the next three years, they fought it out until a settlement was reached in June 2018. Wayne reportedly received $10 million and the termination of his Cash Money contract in exchange for the dropping the suit.

So far, fans are ecstatic over his latest offering, a 23-song effort that feels like a musical summary of what Tunechi's life has been like since he was blocked from releasing new material due to his legal battle with Cash Money CEO Birdman. Guests on the album include his oldest daughter Reginae Carter and rap superstars Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott.

So after listening to Tha Carter V, the Boombox wanted to highlight some of the great samples featured on the project. Check it out below.

  • "Special Delivery" (2001)

    G. Dep

    Lil Wayne delivers boastful bars on “Uproar,” which samples the stabbing keyboard melody from G. Dep’s 2001 banger, “Special Delivery.” Oddly enough, Weezy sampled G. Dep's track previously on “Green Ranger” (featuring J. Cole) on his 2012 Dedication mixtape. On that song, Wayne said that he doesn't even like the beat. We can only guess that EZ Elpee's instrumental has grown on him.

  • "If Lovin' You Is Wrong (I Don't Wanna Be Right)" [1972]

    Luther Ingram

    Lil Wayne doesn’t sample the song but rather incorporates Luther Ingram’s verse from his classic ballad “If Lovin' You is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right)” on the chorus. We are not sure if Tunechi is familiar with the 1970 tune, but he does rap about his heartache and pain (or as he calls it “rich n---- problems") on the Zaytoven-produced song.

  • "Xxplosive" (1999)

    Dr. Dre (Featuring Hittman, Six-Two, Nate Dogg & Kurupt)

    Lil Wayne teams up with hip-hop O.G. Snoop Dogg on “Dope N----z,” a standout track on Tha Carter V. Produced by Ro & Kamo, the song samples Dr. Dre’s classic 1999 track “Xxplosive,” which lifts the guitars from Soul Mann & the Brothers’ 1971 tune “Bumpy’s Lament.” Dr. Dre’s quirky guitars and thunderous beat have also been sampled by Erykah Badu on “Bag Lady.”

  • "School's Spirit" (2004)

    Kanye West

    On “Famous,” Lil Wayne raps about some of the headaches he has to go through while being a celebrity. Weezy interpolates a few lines from Kanye West’s 2004 track “School Spirit” from his classic album College Dropout. Ironically, Yeezy has song called “Famous” on his The Life of Pablo album, where he also explores the difficulties of fame.

  • "Dedication" (2016)

    2 Chainz (Collegrove)

    Lil Wayne raps word-for-word 2 Chainz’s verse from his 2016 song “Dedication,” which is an ode to Wayne's influence and legacy in the rap game. It's one of Tunechi's favorite song on their Collegrove project, in fact, it made him cry when he heard it.

    BONUS: On the same song, Wayne also sampled former President Barack Obama's 2009 speech where he said, "[Kids] might think they’ve got a pretty jump shot or a pretty good flow, but our kids can’t all aspire to be LeBron or Lil Wayne."

  • "Lord Hold Me in Your Arms" (1974)

    The Crowns of Glory

    Producers Cool & Dre and 808-Ray created a soul-sampled beat for “Demon.” They took the vocals and the Hammond organ from the Crowns of Glory’s soulful tune. It also gives the song a more gospel feel as Tunechi raps about his many vices, including money and women.

  • "Indecision" (2013)


    One of the most talked-about songs on Tha Carter V is the reflective track “Let It All Work Out.” On it, the Young Money leader talks about his failed suicide attempt at 12 years old. With the recent rise of suicidal deaths among teens, along with the untimely deaths of Mac Miller, Lil Peep and XXXTentacion, the song has a poignant meaning with many young people. Wayne sampled Sampha’s vocals from his piano-driven song "Indecision,” a fan favorite from his 2013 project Dual.

  • "All Eyes on Me"

    2Pac (Featuring Big Syke)

    Another highlight from Tha Carter V is the bouncy “Start This S--- Off Right," produced by Cash Money Records alumni Mannie Fresh. Lil Wayne inhabits the spirit of 2Pac as he raps, “All eyes on me, I had a ‘Pac moment / This a Mannie Fresh beat and I go Pac on it / My homeboys proud of me like Barack, homey.” Weezy has often been compared to the late rapper among his fans and even Cash Money CEO Birdman who contends that Wayne is bigger than ‘Pac.

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