Six seasons is a healthy stretch for any series, but TNT’s The Closer spinoff Major Crimes is not going quietly. TNT has confirmed that Season 6 will be the last for the series, though it’s showrunner maintains “it was not at all my idea, nor did I want to leave the show.”

The October 31 return will mark the final Major Crimes premiere, despite its network position as number one in total viewers, and consistent place as one of cable’s most-watched drama series (per Deadline). Showrunner James Duff wasn’t thrilled about the news either, claiming in a Facebook post that “the actors, the writers, the producers and our talented crew would have held on as long as we were relevant, “ and “We’ll have a chance to talk about what happened in the near future”:

Star Mary McDonnell seemed less taken aback by the news in her own Instagram post, but added “Trying to make sense of TNT’s choices is an activity that James Duff and Mike Robin and all of us have been engaged in for a long time.”

There’s still a full season to get through, but how many more seasons did Major Crimes have in it?

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